Choosing the right twin stroller

What to consider when buying a twin stroller
There are many different kinds of twin strollers available on the market.  The variety of strollers are suited for their specified purpose so you are not limited to any one type of stroller but be able to choose one that suits your needs.  There are certain factors that must be taken into consideration so as to buy the perfect twin stroller.  As the name suggests, twin strollers are built to accommodate twins. There are many benefits from using them to make your life much easier and enjoyable with your kids.
Consider the following as a guide to choosing the right stroller:

What is your lifestyle like?
If you are a parent who has to run errands indefinitely, then this is a must when choosing the right stroller.  You may consider the ease of folding, lightweight properties, ease of travelling and/or portability.

How often will it be used?
Based on your activities and goals to achieve for a given day or week or month, you may consider how often you will use a stroller, whether daily, weekly or seldom. 

Where will it be used?
Which places will be visited that a twin stroller can accommodate.  Consideration must be taken into choosing a twin stroller that suits the areas, in which it will be used, whether at the mall, in city streets, in office buildings, or for outdoor sporting activities.  The features of the stroller chosen must compliment the places it will be used to be more convenient for both you and your twins. 

What is your means of transport?
There are always places to go to do business or just to visit the paediatrician for your child. Whether you travel often must be considered into buying that particular stroller, which can accommodate this.  If your means of transport is via bus, then you may want to consider a stroller with features that are space friendly, and can easily be folded up and unfolded.  If your errands involve visiting places that have stairs, escalators, or elevators, you will need to factor this into choosing a stroller that has features that enable it to mount the stairs with ease. 

One parent who has toddler twins advises other parents who are in the process of deciding which stroller to buy and she says, “I would advise all parents to look into their shopping habits and lifestyle very closely before making this decision. My husband is in the military and we were stationed overseas for the first 10 1/2 months of our boys' lives. Unfortunately, when we were sent to that location, the only vehicle that we brought was my husband's truck. It was a small truck with enough room to squeeze in ONE car seat. Our mode of travel was by foot."  Her chosen twin stroller was the McLaren Twin Triumph Stroller model.  This model has great benefits of offering both children the same view, seats can recline independently, can be attended to with much ease, and it has more space for two storage baskets beneath. 

When these factors of usage patterns are figured out, then other factors such as size, weight, accessories and seat adjustments must also be taken into account to increase the likelihood of a more convenient and manageable twin stroller.

Size consideration
Size is taken into account depending on the frequency it will be used, and also where it will be used.  For frequent trips, then folding mechanisms are considered and also what size will it be when it has folded.  If errands involve a lot of walking, then the stroller should be road friendly, tires rugged, width small enough to be safely used and accessed to on sidewalks, through doorways, down aisles. When these factors are carefully considered, it minimizes frustration and inconvenience on both the parent and children’s part.  Money will not be wasted but be wisely sent.

Weight considerations
Aluminium framed strollers are lightweight, sturdy and durable.  While there is the option of plastic made kinds which attract cheaper prices, the metal framed kinds, though more expensive, they are a better investment choice.  Heavier strollers are more durable and have a threshold or capacity to carry heavier children, thus older children.  With this advantage, they are built to provide such features, so they are more complex and challenging to install.

Accessories to make the stroller more handy dandy
Accessories should be the last factor when considering a twin stroller.  There are some models which have just the right amounts that are multipurpose, and there are others which have excess accessories to give broader options.  Some accessories found on strollers are baskets, bumpers, storage, canopies, hand rails, bag clips, drink holders, and snack trays. 

Seat Adjustments
Double Twin strollers with side-by- side feature offer the option to recline. Each seat can recline individually thus suiting each of the twin’s needs, one may recline to nap, while the other may not. Other types require the infant to be at the same incline. Some recliners can give that full 180 degree angle while others may only give that 45 degree angle.  Some models for example, the Tandem Stroller do not recline fully and so does not perfectly suit the sleeping infant. 

If your activities are mainly outdoors such as the parent who wishes to incorporate workouts into his or her schedule, there is the twin stroller designed to suit all terrains.  Wheels of this kind are oversized, brakes locking, deep seats, safety wrist strap. There is the large wheel base is suited for jogging, running or walking purposes.

Infant seats
This is the newly engineered all-in-one transportation systems that can transport babies from car to stroller without having to remove them from their carrier.  However, even though  this feature is quite attractive, there are limitations to its lifespan.  Double strollers have a better thus greater lifespan than that of carriers.

All about the Bugaboo Donkey Double Stroller

This has been buzzed about for years, a long awaited double stroller.  This is because Bugaboo is known for producing remarkable quality strollers.  This stroller is well engineered to be the first of its kind to offer a very convertible feature to configure from the mono to duo combination.
The hilarious name of this unique piece of stroller is The Bugaboo Donkey.  It was launched at the Kind and Jugend Trade show in Cologne and promises to be available for purchase on the market by US Spring 2011.  Being the first engineered stroller of its kind, it is made with the highest of quality materials that give multifunctional features, and to accommodate either one or two children, with just one click it is able to convert with ease from a mono- to- duo stroller.  Not only does it convert, but the seats are built with a 360 degree rotation to enable children to either be seated facing parents or facing the world or even facing each other.  To accommodate this, the stroller is reported to be of a 23”width, Seats can convert into a bassinet, and infant seats can be accommodated. 
Comparison model to the Bugaboo Donkey is the Cameleon.  The features are very similar but the width of the seats appears to be different when in fact they are not. 
The selling point of this stroller is the ease of which the transformations from the Mono mode to the Dou Mode are made.  With just a simple click this transformation takes place, enlarging or expanding the stroller.  As the frame expands horizontally, the second seat takes the position of the parcel basket.  Expansion takes place from 23” to 29” perfect enough to go through doors and the like with ease. 
With this new excitement yet to make its way into the market, it will be launched in Las Vegas at the ABC Kids Exposition where feedback will be given on the introduced product.  This stroller is a great investment for families with one child who are planning on having another child.